5 Mistakes to Avoid When Bidding on a Project

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Bidding on a Project
The world of freelancing is highly attractive and rewarding but it comes with its share of difficulties and challenges. Freelancing business requires freelancers to place their bid against the requirement or project shared by the employer. While it is important for freelancers to place a bid that is fair, it gets equally important for them to avoid fundamental mistakes while placing the bid. Having a bid quality score is important to grab the attention of the employer towards you. 
Additionally, you should avoid these common mistakes while bidding for a project to stand best chance for getting the deal. 
1. Avoid Writing a General Proposal 
While searching for freelancing projects, a common mistake freelancers make is that they write a general proposal.  Writing a general proposal and not describing in detail the offered services makes the client disinterested due to lack of clarity. So, to make sure that the employer notices your bid, it is extremely important to write a thoroughly detailed and thought out proposal. 
Since, you are competing with other bidders, it is important that your proposal reflect your willingness and suggest the benefits and services to the employer that you can provide.  Additionally, you can brief the employer about the project and provide them with your reference work to enable them to have a better understanding about your efficiency. 
2. Bidding on projects that you are not expert at 
There are times when some or the other project catches the eye of freelancers and they place bid without having much expertise on the subject. The idea that individuals rely upon is that they would do some research and would complete the project somehow. Although fascinating, this approach is quite unprofessional as employers remain of the opinion that they are hiring the service of expert who would do job in the best possible manner. 
So, if you are not having the right set of skills required to complete the freelancing project in best manner, it is advisable to not bid for the project. Submitting a low quality or compromised project affects your rating and devalues your chances of bidding in future. 
3. Making the bid based on the quotation price 
When at the time of making a bid, maximum number of freelancers place their bid based on the quotation price. In fact, most number of individuals strategizes and quotes a fairly low price to catch the attention of the employer. The reason behind this approach is that most of the freelancers form a notion that they can ask for project price appreciation once they have assured the employer of their reliability and skills. 
However, this approach at times backfires as employers move to some other service providers at a lower price. So to get the best deal, it is important that you develop a perfect proposal and quote a price as per your skills and expertise not based on the quotation price placed by the employer. 
4. Bidding on projects when overloaded with work 
Freelancers often make the mistake of bidding on projects while being overloaded with work.  Although it is a good idea to never say no to work, but when you are already stocked up, it can prove quite exhausting and demanding for you. Accumulating multiple projects simultaneously means that you cannot focus on fully on one single project which certainly leads to work being affected and quality being compromised. The idea therefore is not to get greedy and bid on projects as per the convenience and timeline. 
5. Giving unnecessary information 
One of the biggest mistakes that freelancers are guilty of committing more often than not is that they end up giving too much information to the clients. Explaining to the clients everything before the project often costs them the project as clients get aware about the nitty gritty of the work and they hire someone at lesser cost.  So, in case a client wants a website developed for their business, you should not be telling him about the time it takes to put the code, testing process and how logo and designs are created. The client should only care about his website and its timely delivery and you should not let him interfere in the internal process that goes into developing the site. 

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