5 Steps To Create Eye catching Freelancer Profile On Approhire

5 Steps To Create Eye catching Freelancer Profile On Approhire

Getting a job on portals has become a tough task. As the number of freelancers is increasing, having the right skill set and strategy is not what all you require to grab a good project. For a single project, there are multiple bids and in order to get noticed by the client, it is important that your profile should stand out of the rest. So, if you are a freelancer registered on Approhire and looking to improve your freelance profile to get more attention and get more leads then here are a few steps to follow.

5 Steps To Create Eye catching Freelancer Profile

Step 1 - Good Intro : Describe yourself in an effective manner to improve your freelancer visibility. There is no one better to describe your skills and experience better than yourself. If you fail to describe yourself in an efficient manner, chances are high that clients won’t be interested in spending time to know more about you. It is the least important thing for them to shortlist their candidates to proceed. Just ensure that while describing yourself, you are not faking anything at the same time not keeping the intro short that clients don’t understand precisely.


Step 2 - Work Portfolio : This is the next important thing that the clients will notice in your freelance profile. If you have a good portfolio then make sure it is portrayed appropriately on Approhire. If clients can go through your work, then they will be able to understand better about your skill set and experience. So, never miss on putting a lot of past experiences links in your profile.


Step 3 - Describing Skill Set : Always mention the correct skill set to let the clients know about your areas of expertise. For instance, if you are proficient in digital marketing and you have just list content writing then the probability of missing on projects pertaining to digital marketing increases to a great extent. So, it is important that you mark all the skill set that you are proficient in.


Step 4 - Profile Picture : Although your picture does not have to do anything with the kind of skills you possess, it creates a first impression on the client’s mind. Do not put images of letters, cartoon characters, logos or anything else. All these things look a bit of fake and does not make sound impression. So, it is always recommended that you put your own profile picture.


Step 5 - Mention Hourly Rate : Do not leave this column black and think of negotiating when the client starts the discussion. List your pricing depending on the kind of experience you have and what expertise you can bring to the table on a particular project. Charging unrealistic might not lend you many projects. It is not recommended to charge pennies, but, also ensure not to overprice yourself which will lead you to fewer leads.


So, these are some of the tips that any Freelancer on Approhire should consider to increase visibility of freelance profile in an effective manner. It is recommended that once you get your first project, do ask for ratings and reviews. These two parameters play a major role in your upcoming project leads, as clients do seek feedback and rating of a freelancer to be rest assured.


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