5 Steps to Start Your Own Freelance Career

5 Steps to Start Your Own Freelance Career

By seeing the current scenario of an unprecedented changes in the working behaviour of global companies all around the world, many employees opting to forego traditional careers and start working as a freelancer that gives them more flexibility and a healthy lifestyle that they are looking for.

And in other hand hiring the freelancers is getting to be noticeably more satisfactory, as well as more alluring for many businesses and companies. The affordable charges, low employee representative costs, no healthcare, less office space and many more things are automatically suppressed with hiring a worker from remote place.

These are the bunch of the reasons that many companies are seeking freelancers to help grow their organisations.

Hence this situation creates an incredible opportunity for the freelancers who has useful knowledge-base and skills to start a freelance career and grow as an self-employed person. 

A recent report by the University of Phoenix, surveying 1,600 grown-ups younger, found that 63% of individuals in their 20's either claim their own business or need it in near future and of those who are not already from business community, 55% identified as needing to be, one day.

Well, opting to start a freelance career is the most achievable, sensible, and feasible side business you can run with your day job.

May be it will be difficult while starting as a freelancer but when you own an independent work for full-time and receive the way of life rewards of hustle then it will be well worth for your career.

Before you start your freelancing business you need to get clear about the essential parts of being a freelancer

Here are top 5 steps listed below that should be kept in mind before starting your career as a freelancer -

1. Learn Your Industry -

You need to do a complete market research in terms of knowing that what is the business landscape for their industry and also should identify the targeted audience.  You may not require a formal business strategy but it’s important to have procedure and a smart thought of where you are going. You have to comprehend the outer factor that you can't control and you also need to research about the funding options available in market.

2. Define Business Goals -

Before clarify your business goals it's impossible to get succeed. So at the very beginning you have to define the your business that are easily attainable and measurable. You have to define that is freelancing is just for extra income for you or want to become a full-time freelancer. You have to make it very clear.


3. Find a Profitable Niche -


There are individuals from all around the globe that'll be willing to charge much lower rates than you. You should get over the idea of attempting to compete on price as a freelancer. For this you need to invest time to find a profitable niche and types of work that displays your qualities. In short all you need to do is to make yourself invaluable in your industry by which you can expand your freelancing career in future.

4. Identify Your Business Clients -

Targeting the right business people is as important as finding a profitable niche for your freelance business. As you are at your startup level so you need to pitch the right niche business clients, business influencers with well-established personal brands.

5. Set Up Prices for Your Services -

Before your work start rolling, you need to be set all your prises graph, invoice templates and an accounting plan. You have to fix your standard charges on the basis of hourly, monthly, quarterly and annually.   

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