7 Tips to Become a Better Freelancer - Proven Tips

7 Tips to Become a Better Freelancer - Proven Tips
So you believe in being your own boss, Nice Choice..!! 

When you become a freelancer, you learn more about yourself, business and other people. You get new challenges every day and you are the only one who is going to complete the challenge, but the main thing is you should never stop learning.

Since, competition has increased so much in the market due to which it has become important that you should be better and successful freelancer in the market. Many experienced freelancers are there who don’t know so many points and important facts related to freelancing because of which they have to struggle a lot. You can even consider some of the below given freelancing tips which will be very beneficial for you and might help you in delivering something different from others.

How to become a better Freelancer?

1. Sign a standardized contract 

It takes a lot of time to design a contract for every project. So, it is advisable to pre-design a standardized contract and use it on every project to save time especially in the case of small projects. 

  • You can cover the general terms
  • The work you will deliver will not be plagiarized,
  • The client information will be kept confidential,
  • Terms of payment.
  • Once the client accepts the work, he takes the whole responsibility of the work.


Sign a Freelance Contract

2. Ask for a initial payment 

One of the biggest problems with freelancing job is how to save yourself from frauds; they make you work and then simply run away with your money. You must follow few steps to avoid such situations 

Don’t hesitate to ask for an initial payment in advance. 
Set a certain percentage in your mind, like 50 percent or 30 percent of your amount and ask your client to deposit the amount before you deliver him or her with the work. 

Do not start work without taking down payment. Before the final payment, do not send any master files or designs.

3. Learn to say NO 


Learn to say no

It’s hard to say NO especially when you are a generous person, but it’s not healthy to put up a strenuous load on yourself. Before picking up a project, you must figure out answers to the following questions – 

  • Will you be able to do this type of project or not?
  • Do you really want to make such a commitment?
  • What are you getting in return for this? Are you satisfied? 
  • It good to find work for yourself, but remember you can’t work with your ideal client if you’ll say yes to the wrong ones. 

4. Display your plus points 

It is very important that you showcase your work to your potential clients. You can join different forums where you can post about your skills and capabilities. Social media will certainly help you in finding projects of your interests. Therefore, it is important to design a perfect freelance portfolio that will attract the type of projects you like from all over the world. 

Many freelancers make the mistake of filling the portfolio with a lot of skills in which they are not expert enough. Your freelance portfolio should only contain the work you specialize in. The work concludes past work or present client work.

Let’s say you specialize in ios app development then your portfolio includes ios apps only.

5. Have transparency with your clients 

You are the business so you should not hide anything, you must be proud of your work or service you are offering. 

From the client perspective, he has a right to know everything about your service, work process, he is handling his product to you and paying you good enough for the same.

It is recommended to be 100% transparent with clients and share your past work and the work process. Show them that you are really interested in your project, this helps to build trust in the client.

6. Focus on one thing at a time 

If you are planning to be serious about this, then do take it seriously.  Every time if you lose your focus, you might lose your ideal clients too. You wish to rely on a single client for your income or you have planned something else for today?

Make a to-do list for a whole day and complete it by the end of the day. We reach at the top of the hill by taking step by step, by doing the same you will get your long term goal sooner.

7. Split your income 

You are working as a freelancer which is also a business so your income should be splitted. You can split like this

Split the income

It is not must to split your income as explained. You can manage this by your own,

Conclusion : The freelancing tips doesn’t with this only, but surely following these freelancing tips is going to help you to become a better freelancer. 

If you are a freelancer and have your own tips to share with us. Share with us in comment below.

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