8 Tools Every Successful Freelancer Must Have

8 Tools Every Successful Freelancer Must Have

As you know, more and more people are joining the freelance work force and now, over 54 million people depend on freelancing jobs. Freelancing has it's own benefits and rewards, the best of which is that it works according to your convenience and from any place you desire. The challenge is searching your clients, work, and management and meeting the deadlines.

These problems can be overcome by using the best tools for freelance and resources which you can deploy. If you become reputed in the field then you can find work effortlessly and can manage their time accordingly. We will be discussing the most popular freelancing tools which every freelancer must have -

8 Essential Tools Every Freelancer Needs :

Dropbox - Dropbox is a simple type of cloud storage app which is used mostly for file backup then the best thing is it immediately check for the changes and syncs the file in just no time. Its interface is user intuitive and is easy to install on both computer and phone. It supports large number of other different apps which increase its usability. It also provides you a web platform for the management of your files. The best thing it offers you 2GB of free space and 1 TB for $9.99, making it one of the best freelancing tools which you should really consider.

Trello - Get your collaboration on. For those of you who love to have a good organized brainstorming session, this is the tool for you. It is a free online collaboration tool that’s organized by boards, lists, and cards. You can attach files, images, etc., to each card and add as many people as you want on board for collaboration. Changes appear in real time

Xero -
Xero is one of the popular accounting software which is meant for small business owners and freelancers. Its very usable and user-friendly software and even users with no accounting knowledge can use it to keep their accounts. It can be used both on mobile and computer giving you the best experience of accounting. It has dedicated tools to help you keep track of your bills, cash flow, expenses and outstanding all are very easy with Xero.

Bidsketch - Creating a project proposal is a very important part of freelance life. But it can be a real pain if you spend hours working on a proposal for no money and then have it rejected. BidSketch provides you with a template which will half your time.

Proof Hub - It is a simple project management tool, it can be used to create various to do list for your tasks which have deadlines.This tool helps you to manage interaction with clients and keeps you on track so you can be more focused towards your work. The tool is simple to use and the interface is user friendly. One of its best features is proofing feature which helps you make a correction easily without causing any delay.

Mint - Mint is a user friendly and secure tool which helps you in handling your budget without wasting too much time. Mint app let you keep track of your money by keeping records of your spending and expenditure. It also recommends the latest trends of possible investment. Mint account support connecting with your bank account and cards. You can use it to create budgets and pay various bills. It helps you to get your payment transferred to your bank account which is also a great option.

MailChimp -
MailChimp is very powerful tool when it comes to marketing especially email marketing. It helps you design your own customized ad and send emails to various sender in just one click. It gives you access to amazing features which can be used for testing and analysis to help you build an amazing campaign. It is not very expensive and its starting package starts $10 per month and the advanced one will cost you around $199 per month. It has recently been updated and added a few more features like chat support, pay as you go customers, inbox preview and few more. It also provides you with features that lets you build campaigns for various social networking websites. Apart from this, it gives you options like free marketing automation and product recommendation which really comes in handy.

Canva - Canva provides you with professional grade graphics and designs, this website contains various powerful features and a vast collection of images. It is user friendly and help you in making all kinds of presentation, visual charts, posters and other graphics. It provides you with a very efficient editor with various features to help you create something from scratch.

Hope, the above mentioned tools will definitely help you to handle your
freelance work efficiently and will certainly give you success in your field.

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