Angular Vs React: Which is Better for Web Development?

Angular Vs React: Which is Better for Web Development?
Front end web applications in present time are developed by using two of the most popular JavaScript frameworks namely Angular and React. Both the JS framework aid in developing cutting edge mobile and web applications. Since both Angular and React offer effectiveness and comparative benefits, it gets vital for novice and experienced web developers to choose the right framework to make the web page attractive and interactive. Here are some major points of differences that suggest the importance of both Angular development and React development. 

  • Angular being one of the most popular Javascript frameworks comes with plenty of out of the box designs and solutions. Developed by Google, Angular is a complete web application package that is based on MVC framework which is written in JavaScript. On the other hand, React has been developed by Facebook and it is an open source library of JavaScript that is opted for dynamic or changing view. 

  • Angular development follows the simple concept of working, it brings JavaScript into the HTML and functions in sync with the actual document object model. On the contrary, React works with virtual document object model while bringing the HTML within the JavaScript. 

  • The AngularJS framework is relied upon or is used as and when comprehensive framework is required and the development time is flexible and offers out of the box solution. In comparison to Angular, why React development is preferred can be attributed to the fact that it is best for single page applications that requires changing within the view. 


Some benefits of AngularJS framework 

Being one of the oldest JS development frameworks, it boasts of having quite a large developer community across the globe. Being a full sized framework, it comes with handy features that make it stand ahead from others in the race. The JS framework due to its MVC manipulates the document object model and expanding the HTML along with the directives. 
Additionally, why angular development, because it comes with benefit of two way data binding which means that changes that are made with the view gets reflected in the data and vice versa. This enables the JS framework manages the dependencies automatically which aid in reducing much of the overheads that goes in syncing of the view with the model. 


Moreover, the AngularJS framework offers filter option facility for entering and viewing the data within the application as per the requirement. Enabled with simple user interface and designs, the code patterns that come along with it are easily understandable. A faster and easier way to develop SPA’s, AngularJS are available easily which makes coding easy and simple. 

Benefits of React JS development

React that is built and designed on model view controller architecture is basically preferred for designing user interfaces that require great performance.  Being one of the most lightweight JS framework, React is preferred for developing web applications for businesses. Being an open source JavaScript library, it is used for giving rendering views to the web pages. 
Since, React was developed to provide solutions to the problem arising with other JS development framework; it is based upon JSX and JavaScript.  It works with virtual DOM, which means that the DOM is not manipulated directly rather React stores virtual copies of the DOM which reflect changes in the form of view. 
Additionally, React works on the concept of server site rendering which gives it the flexibility with coding. It can also be rendered from the client side as well which enables it to spread its wings and work according to the requirements of the SPA’s.
Thus, both the Angular and React JS framework comes with different set of advantages and it purely depends upon the requirement of the user as to which framework will suit best to their application. To make sure that you are getting to hire best web developer who can provide you with JS framework development service, you can simply reach Approhire to get in touch with a reliable freelancer for your project.  


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