Everything You Need to Know to Manage a Remote Team

Everything You Need to Know to Manage a Remote Team

A long time back when there was no internet and video conferencing it was not an easy task to manage a remote team because you need a proper communication channel for contact. Apart from communication channel, a quality internet service is required so that you can share your work amongst the team member.


Few benefits of having a good remote work management are –


Remote work has its own advantages like providing flexibility to its team members with no extra overhead costs and provides you a lot of opportunity in terms of hiring. However, you need skilled managers to get the task done and make the employees better understand their work. The new advancement in technology provides you to work according to your feasibility. This virtual office creates almost perfect balance between life and work.


There are few important ingredients for managing a remote team –


Plan your work -  

It is essential you should have in mind what you have to do, for this you have to make daily or weekly plans or time frames for your work. You should also keep a track of your expectations from each of the employees. As you are aware, the team members are working from different location remotely and are connected through remote management system. Team leaders are accountable for their respective remote teams and the work assigned to them. The team members are connected through by Remote team management so things go according to the way you had planned.


Stay connected -

The remote office system almost usually depends on phone calls, emails and chat programs. If you don’t have proper communication channel and there is lack of communication then it brings down performance. If the developers cannot find their manager in person they miss some of the information which they can attain by the nonverbal cues. The Developers working remotely try to meet once in a month to tackle this type of problem. Meeting here doesn’t mean that you have to meet in person but it means a video chat or video call. There are a lot of programs like google hangouts, skype and other software.


Schedule virtual meeting time -

It is essential that you set a suitable time before you start working on a task so that you clearly know what you have to do beforehand. Even scheduling time saves you from the hassle from editing things. Emails are a great source for communication but a lot is usually lost as it doesn’t carry the non-verbal signs and persons facial expressions. Phone call is a little better but it would be best if you use video conferencing so you don’t miss out anything.


Team expectations -

As there is hardly any boss whom you can reach at any time like in conventional. The Freelancers Team are more flexible and adaptable to the new process. It’s the responsibility of the Leadership to see that their team’s expectation is met properly. To get it done they can give bonus or can have incentive scheme to boost their moral towards work.


Thus, these are some of the main essential that you need to know to manage a Remote Team. It’s not easy to manage a team of freelancers to gather all the remote workers and developers together from different parts of the world. So, it’s better to let the other company assist you in this task. Approhire is one such platform which marvellously brings together the best freelancers excelling in different field at one particular place to fulfil your business needs. With proper remote team management, one can hire the right person for the right job.

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