Top Notch Freelancers Need Top Notch Profiles

Top Notch Freelancers Need Top Notch Profiles

So you have made your freelancer profile on Approhire or a similar platform, filled out all of your basic information and background details and are bidding relentlessly. But you have still not tasted success. No one has accepted your proposal and it’s been six months! Sounds familiar?

Best freelancer profiles go beyond filling just the basic information. Besides pitching their services, they pitch themselves to the employers too, because in the freelancing world you have to make a brand out of yourself.

This is no rocket science and you can also earn more money as a freelancer with a kickass profile. Here are some freelancer profile tips to get going:

1. Show your real identity

Always use your real, full name only. Don’t abbreviate your surname. It builds trust with the employer and builds a connection.

2. Professional photo is a must

Don’t use selfies or casual photos. Ensure that only you are visible in the photo, keep your friends, siblings and spouses out of it, and keep it professional. Remember, a picture speaks more than a thousand words! Also, don’t use any filters or effects. Please.

3. Take time to make a specific headline

Best freelancer profiles summarize their whole bio, experience and expertise in a single line. Try to be specific, eg: “JAVA specialist with 6+ years of experience” instead of “Web developer”

4. Bio must be written diligently

Keep in mind your employer while you write this. Always use first person writing. Remember Approhire is not social media, it is a professional site. Keep it short and clear in around 200-250 words. Get someone else to proof-read for you.

5. Qualifications and experience in detail

To become a freelancer, you need to have few qualifications. If you have got it, flaunt it! Although not too much, just truthfully show your actual experience only.

6. Upload portfolio

Try to upload your best work first. Use images, actual product links etc to convince employers

7. Link your social networks
LinkedIn is the most important. Link others too, but ensure that you use privacy settings correctly on the personal sites like Facebook and Twitter.

8. Take skill tests

Although not as important as a good portfolio and real experience, skill tests are good too. Take these tests on ApproHire whenever you have some spare time. Just try to take only relevant tests to your skills.

9. More tips

  • Always check your grammar.
  • Take ideas from the best freelancer profile tips and use them to create your own
  • Use help from your friends to proof-read your bio
  • Take professional help! Because, why not?

Always remember that to successfully become a freelancer or to earn more money as a freelancer you would need to create a professional profile. Just keep in mind that it is like your online CV, it should not be too personal, and not like a “about us” page of a corporate company either.

Go ahead, create something marvellous!

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