Types of Logos: How To Create A Logo For Your Brand

Types of Logos: How To Create A Logo For Your Brand

With bazillion different products flooding the markets today, how do you get to differentiate yourselves? Branding, of course! The problem is today’s smart phone generation has a terrible attention span, and you need to make them remember your brand.

The first step is to go and create a logo, and not just any logo, a well-thought brand differentiator. A logo for your brand is the first thing that a user comes in contact with and a good logo becomes synonymous with the brand.

To create a logo for your brand, first learn the types of logos there are to get a better understanding.



Remember Nike’s Swoosh or Audi’s four rings? I bet you do! These simple lines and curves uniquely represent a complete brand in themselves. Although it’s not just these lines that do the work, you have to promote and advertise to become famous at this level.


Pictorial mark

A picture speaks more than a thousand words! Twitter’s bird, Apple’s apple, LaCoste’s crocodile, and the list goes on and on. It is an obvious choice for brands like Apple and Twitter to choose a picture that symbolizes their brand clearly. There are some subtle examples too, like the note taking app Evernote, uses an elephant (who have good memories) as their logo.


Word mark

Well when you are officially out of ideas and can’t think of any creative stuff, just write your brand’s name as a logo! Just kidding, it’s not as simple as that. Typography and use of brand colors is very important. This type is especially good for companies with short and catchy names. Think Google, Coco-cola and even ApproHire!


Letter mark

This is also a textual logo, but instead of the full brand name, only the initials are used. Just like Word Mark type of logos, these are also great for replicating across different types of media like print, electronic, packaging, merchandise etc. They also work well if your business has a large portfolio of products and can’t be represented by a single image. Eg: BBC, IBM, HBO, NASA etc.



It is just an illustration of the character that represents your company, which are the ambassadors for your business. Not all companies have a mascot, but those who do should use them to promote a hearty impression. Remember the Michelin Man, KFC’s Colonel Sanders and Android’s Android.



Most popular with automotive industry, schools and government agencies, Emblem logos provide a regal and classical vibe to the brand name. Think of Harley-Davidson, Ford or Harvard University. They all convey that classic feeling to their respective brands.



Also known as a logo system, it is a hybrid of all of the above. Popular examples are Burger King, Dominos, Reddit etc.

So go out and create an awesome logo for your brand, you already know where to start! Don’t have time? Just hire a logo designer for that professional touch.

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