What Programming Languages Should You Learn First?

What Programming Languages Should You Learn First?
There are too many programming languages that exists, some are old while others are advanced and new. But, the real question is what programming language should I learn and if you get that answer, it again leaves you on the question. Which programming language should I learn first because first one should be easy and quick to learn!

If you had got the answers of the above question then you can at least start with basics. Then there are other questions which are for productivity aspect, like best programming language to learn for jobs. These questions only help you determine what you should learn. The best programming language changes with the demand in market. Let us now look into few best programming languages.


1. Java


Java has come into existence around 1995. It is one of the extensively used languages in the world. It is one of the server-side programming languages. It is a case sensitive language so you might have to be little careful with it. Apart from that, java is used widely because of its flexibility and feasibility. It can be said as best programming language for games as it provides you graphic options.


2. C++


It is one of the general-purpose programming languages as it is used almost everywhere and easy to learn. The best thing about this language is that it can be used almost in everything mostly. It is based on C language mostly which makes it quite much easier to learn. 


3. C#


It can be said that it is the best web related programming language which is used in most apps and web portals. This language incorporates the best features of many distinct programming languages. Desktop applications are also made by using C# programming.

4. R (Best graphic language)


It is one of the open source languages and is used basically for statistical computation. The R is made up by two languages one is C and other is Fortran. R speciality is that it has a huge vault of libraries which are usually for graphic and computation. R offers you both graphical as well as command line interface. It’s beneficial for computation because of its huge library function and it also supports statistics graphs. 

5. Swift


Swift is always there in one of the top languages and can be said as best programming language to learn 2018. It is usually used in security system and configuration designs. As it is a universal language and it is flexible with other programming languages. The main goal of the swift is to become one of the easy and accessible languages. 

6. Arduino


Arduino is also like C++ and C; its most functions and working is almost similar to them. Most of its libraries are taken from C and C++. It is widely used in the area of hardware implementations. Apart from hardware it is also used in networking, implementations and coding. Arduino is basically an open source programming language with much scope for improvement

7. Python


Python is basically a microchip type programming language which came into existence in 1980s. The best thing about it is that it has all the OOPS protocol. Now, python is one of the best programming languages as it’s easy to understand and code. 

Let me tell you one thing that not all the languages have the same demand. You can learn programming languages online, offline of by your own and get the good job. You can also find freelance jobs at approhire in your preferred programming language.

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